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AgKonect Vineyard

Cut vineyard costs. New software built with and for viticulturists, based on the most versatile platform available. Useful for small growers and the largest corporates. A great system for contractors to manage multiple vineyards for better communication with owners. Don’t rely any more on multiple systems, spreadsheets, paper, emails and whiteboards. Get AgKonect Vineyard to start accruing the benefits of more efficient work, better information and stronger communication. Fully scaleable with per-user annual subscriptions. Powerful role management for different tasks and information access.

Simple, powerful app for vineyard management

Easy setup

  • Discuss needs with AgKonect
  • Order subscriptions and download software
  • Free trial up to four weeks
  • Map vineyards and blocks with simple tools and add information
  • Start capturing data and tracking workflows using the inbuilt forms
  • Create and assign tasks to staff and contractors

Save time and fuel

  • Records are mapped accurately
  • Navigate directly to points, saving distance driven
  • Update records as you action them, to move them along the workflow
  • Have a current picture of task progress and when task is completed
  • Track time taken and routes used.

Be well informed

  • Report is instantly updated with new data
  • Easy to sort and filter
  • Give staff/contractors an app to enable navigation, or export a CSV, or a PDF
  • OPTION: set up budgets and track actual expenditure from time and materials


  • Digital mapping of vineyards and blocks – multiple properties in one system
  • Sick vine care and replacement workflow
  • Broken post replacement workflow
  • Operation tracking (where had I sprayed before that phonecall?)
  • Agrichemical management (inventory, tank mix calculator, spray record, reports, costing)
  • Soil sample management and analysis reporting
  • Machinery tracking (asset register, usage tracking)
  • Pest and disease scouting
  • Budgeting and expenditure tracking
  • Biosecurity audit
  • Hazard mapping

Pricing (AUD, ex GST)


  • Mobile app and web dashboard – $1128 per year
  • In-app vineyard mapping, or optional service $200 per vineyard


  • Mobile app $732 per year
  • Tablet/desktop app $536 per year


e.g. multi-farm setup, custom forms – call to discuss