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R&D data

AgKonect’s founders have backgrounds in agricultural and environmental R&D and operations. We have deep awareness of the needs of researchers in relation to field work, which can be improved massively using Konect. It is simple to build a system for a project, for one or several users. We want Konect to be used widely in universities, government departments and private R&D agencies. We hate the sight of data pain! All clipboards should be banished!

Postgraduate projects

Postgrads have small budgets – we get that. The cost of your Konect field data system doesn’t have to be more than one licence, if you build it yourself. Postgrads are good at that, and we will help you with your setup and use. You can even hassle your lab leader to invest in a few Konect licenses that students can share.

Professional researchers

We want to share Konect with all field researchers. For a small part of your operational budget, you can have a sophisticated system that enables you to simply set up field data forms. This will make your field work easier and better, and save you the hassles of re-keying data back at the lab, delivering real efficiencies and work improvements.

The system below helps a research team in Australia and South Africa to inspect avocados for sunblotch viroid, record field data in one operation, and track diagnostic specimens. Another AgKonect system helps a team survey fruit quality in supermarkets across Australia.

  • integrated field records with location, data, photos, sample tracking
  • no more double handling data
  • eliminate errors and confusion
  • high quality, integrated mapping for reporting
  • easier teamwork.
Avocado sunblotch viroid field research