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AgKonect is a natural fit for sugarcane, due to the industry’s high reliance on mapped assets and data, where AgKonect excels.

An early user is Tully Sugar, to manage its transport network of road and rail infrastructure, ensuring its safety and good condition. At the same time, staff are able to monitor and report on crops in the mill area.

AgKonect helped the Isis Productivity company to digitise its data, by converting the old BugBuster database (TESTIMONIAL). Staff now have app-based access to farm and crop information, and capture data in the field. Analysis is automated and routine reports are produced at the touch of a button.

Tully Sugar and Isis Productivity’s data systems are fundamental to their work. They derive large time savings, with improved teamwork, quality and assurance.

AgKonect can provide similar systems for any mill or productivity company. We can also set up powerful farm management systems for larger cane farmers.