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Farm management and services

Our market

AgKonect’s market for custom data systems is businesses that are a bit unique and are poorly served by mainstream software:

  • individual farms in smaller sectors
  • larger farming companies or coops with diverse operations and multiple properties
  • farm service companies with numerous farm clients.

How we help

We begin by analysing your existing business and operations. We assume you run a good operation, and simply want to digitise your data and workflows. We get you to identify the most important aspects and the key pain points. We develop solutions to those, in a framework that can be implemented with minimal change to your practices, but with maximum impact on your existing stresses.

With our platform, we have proven capabilty to develop effective solutions:

  • fast development and rollout
  • easy-to-use apps and reports
  • effective support for adoption
  • low future requirement for technical support
  • integration with other business systems
  • unlimited ability to develop your system further.