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Custom biosecurity systems for Countries and States, NGOs, Industries and farming companies

AgKonect are experts in biosecurity operations and data. We provide biosecurity data systems for bananas, sugarcane, mangoes and avocados.

See our Article on how Konect provides an off-the-shelf field data system for biosecurity. There’s no need to build your own at great expense, or to continue with outdated and inefficient data systems based on paper and unsuitable software.

Biosecurity information systems have traditionally been the domain of governments. Now most Australian states use a shared system. The cost of building and maintaining a biosecurity system should not be underestimated. With AgKonect Biosecurity, you get the most modern field services software, that is kept up-to-date and you do not need an IT team or GIS technicians to run it. AgKonect’s platform offers a more flexible, powerful and economical solution, at any level from local to national.

As biosecurity is recognised as a shared responsibility, industries, other levels of government and the public need to be brought into the surveillance picture. A Konect system can be shared by multiple users to give a Common Operating Picture. This is needed for surveillance to become consistent with the modern view of the shared responsibility for biosecurity.

The uses for a biosecurity information system include:

  • Monitoring for pest freedom of an area or farm, for market access
  • Electronic certification assurance for regulatory or industry programs, including export
  • Full traceability, from production to consumption
  • Industry participation in emergency response and eradication programs
  • Contribution of industry data to the Common Operating Picture.
Biosecurity survey samples, fully traceable through the diagnostic chain
COP – common operating picture