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AirKonect simplifies fleet management

Do you manage or own a small fleet of aircraft? Do you need easy access to accurate and timely pilot, aircraft and operations data? AirKonect can help you.

  • Scalable, agile, cloud-based platform for small fleets
  • Mobile app for pilots to log flight details – iOS, Android
  • Dynamic dashboard for Chief Pilots and Operations Officers
  • Pilot and aircraft management
  • Advanced GIS capabilities for ground operations
  • Easily customised for your needs

As AgKonect works with clients on custom systems, we expect to find their problem is shared by others. We look for scaling opportunities, so the customisation cost can be shared through developing a product. AirKonect is one example, a unique system that we felt needed its own identity. AirKonect is now a stand-alone company, developing and delivering better software for aviation.