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Skippy joins the AgKonect team

AgKonect co-founders Barry Sullivan and Pete Whittle proudly congratulate our Analyst Programmer ‘Skippy’ (aka Brandon Lowe) on his graduation as Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Queensland.

Pete met Skippy on a club bike ride in 2019 and they chatted about their shared interest in data.

“Skippy told me about his programming skills and I asked if he could help us with some tasks that came up intermittently. Over a post-ride coffee, I threw him a challenge of building a complex Power BI report and he delivered a magnificent job, having not used the platform before.

“Skippy had a couple of years left at university to finish off his degree, and we engaged him for a few small programming tasks that he could fit between study and employment. Skippy always delivered great work and the three of us enjoyed working together on AgKonect’s mission. He has a great skillset in programming and data analytics, as well as strong experience in customer relations that gives him insight into working in a product-led startup.

“We’ve been looking forward keenly to Skippy graduating, so we can bring him into AgKonect as our first employee and start to clear our development backlog. In his first week, Skippy did excellent work on our farm chemical inventory system that will smooth out onboarding. Having him on the team gives us a massive boost for sharpening our AgKonect Turf and AgKonect Vineyard products as we bring them to market. We are really excited about our future with Skippy on the AgKonect team”.

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