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You own a vineyard – it shouldn’t own you

By Pete Whittle, CEO and Co-founder, AgKonect

The obvious reason to use the AgKonect Vineyard farm management app is to save hours of work, which translates to your bottom line. Another great reason is to get your life back.

Your vineyard is a hard taskmaster. It will haunt you for a year, if you don’t get jobs like replacing broken posts done at the right time. You can’t take your foot off the gas. Your vineyard owns you! But what if you had a data system, to map your tasks and monitor workflow progress? Suddenly, you can get your work done faster, you can go home early, you can get someone in to help you, so you can take time off. I say, only half-joking, AgKonect can save marriages.

Our R&D collaborator, John of Are Are Estate, suddenly needs to go away for a few weeks, but it’s time to replace broken posts, so he must employ a contractor. Fortunately, John has logged his broken posts in AgKonect Vineyard, so he can simply give the contractor the app. John’s contractor is “old school”, so John printed out a map and a data table. The contractor can easily see what supplies he needs to do the work in one trip, reducing costs greatly. He can navigate straight to the broken posts and tick them off as he goes. He can update John easily and bill him with clarity.

John can go away and rest easy, confident the job will be done before the vines start to grow. At AgKonect, we like helping people. Have a good trip, John!

John logging a replaced vine for the care workflow, on his phone app.
Data can be filtered by task, workflow stage, row etc.

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