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AgKonect Vineyard – a simple, powerful app for vineyard maintenance

By Pete Whittle

AgKonect recently discovered an opportunity to help the viticulture industry, by providing a mobile app to help manage common vineyard maintenance tasks. Key tasks AgKonect Vineyard can help with are re-posting, vine replacement and spray tracking. We’ve just realised that our app is widely needed and highly beneficial, so we are bringing it to market immediately. Why waste time, when it’s good to go?

Post replacement is a key task for the winter months, when vines are bare. Each season, around one percent of trellis posts have to be replaced (about 4 posts per hectare), in a costly workflow with several steps. Currently, a crew will walk the vineyard and put flagging tape on broken posts and the end of the row. Then, the crew has to go back several times to deliver a new post, pull the broken one, place the new one, pound it, add clips and attach the wires. Each visit, crews waste time and driving as they look for the spot. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could map the broken posts in your app all year round, go to the right place directly every time, and keep track of the workflow? The savings will pay for the software subscription many times over.

AgKonect Vineyard is built on the most advanced software platforms available – GBM Konect and Microsoft Power BI. We provide a free trial with full support for up to four weeks, to make sure you are happy with it before committing. Setting up your accounts and users is easy, and so is using AgKonect Vineyard. First, map out your vineyard(s) and add meta-data, using the inbuilt GIS tools. Next, as you work in the vineyard and see an issue, open the app, open a form, and log your observation. A point appears on the map, which helps you navigate and access information in the field. Data are automatically analysed and reported for desktop and mobile use. Our workflow tools help you deploy tasks to staff or contractors, and track task progress.

Other tools in AgKonect Vineyard are: Budgeting and expenditure tracking; Hazard mapping; Vine replacement; Spray tracking; Chemical inventory and usage; Standards compliance; Machinery maintenance. We will keep building and improving AgKonect Vineyard as we work with our users.

This powerful viticulture software is available in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or any wine region in the world. Get in touch via our website, or call us on +61-435 208 033.

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