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Online map of bike crash data – Queensland

Dear Queensland Bicycle User Groups

I’m excited to share with you this dynamic map of bike crash data, for your use in cycling advocacy. Please spend a little time exploring it – it’s an incredibly powerful tool for bringing data and science into your work. Feel free to share the map with your members, through Facebook, websites etc.

Username and password – BikeCrash

The data in this map is from Queensland Police Service records (, updated yearly.

The map was built by Keith Heinrich of North Brisbane BUG using his obvious skills. As a keen cyclist and cycling advocate myself, I’m thrilled to help Keith share this widely using AgKonect’s Embedded Power BI facility. Keith and I have talked about ways we can develop the map further, such as obtaining and overlaying the Strava heat map, and building a data input tool for auditing desire lines for cycling hazards – stay tuned, and let us know your thoughts.

Yours in cycling safety


Dr Pete Whittle

CEO & Co-founder

AgKonect Pty Ltd

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