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Indoor farming with AgKonect

We can’t say too much at the moment, but we’ve just signed a contract to develop a data system for a complex indoor aquaculture system.

This is a big opportunity for us. All our systems to date are outdoor and use GPS for locating data records. Indoors we take a different approach, setting up a schematic of the sheds and tanks, and selecting the record location manually from the map or from drop-down lists.

AgKonect’s technology is perfectly suited to this. We have a robust system for building a map-driven database, creating an app, and scaling it out to users. We can set up powerful workflows. We have unmatched capability for customised reporting.

We’ve already tested it and proved it, but it will be great to have a client case study that we can demonstrate. This will open up opportunities for us to build systems for any indoor farming system – aquaculture, livestock or plants.

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