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Mistakes in data over the milennia

As a data company co-founder, I was fascinated to read Humble Pi, a book about mistakes in mathematics.

I posted a few months ago about Freeman Dyson’s view that the human brain is full of maps, through the importance of navigation to our evolution. A chapter of Humble Pi is about the use of numbers and accounting in early human civilisation – how data records enabled early merchants to grow their businesses and the wealth of their societies.

This is a key point for AgKonect now. Many farms are surprisingly similar to those merchants from thousands of years ago – they know data is important, but they use their memories instead of data systems. Many strong businesses use paper and spreadsheets, when integrated data systems could save them whole FTEs and deliver better information. They are being held back in their businesses by the limitations of their tools.

AgKonect helps farmers and their service providers to grow their businesses, by using advanced data tools built around maps and data related to mapped assets. We can help farm businesses of any size to grow beyond the limitations of their current data systems.

NOTE: Since writing this blog post, I came across the Nobel-prize-winning scientific discoveries by May-Britt Moser, which underpin Dyson’s view LINK.

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