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AgKonect’s stack is now fully built

AgKonect recently completed development of our full stack for custom farm management systems. Our field app, data management and reporting were all powerful enough, but weren’t fully integrated. This presented a confidence barrier and sales impediment for prospective clients. We are extremely pleased to now have an integrated, end-to-end solution. It looks much more impressive, making a purchase decision easy for a client.

This breakthrough led us to set up domains for two of our business areas, airKonect (aviation software) and aquaKonect (aquaculture software), which both deserve special focus. Our clients will access their report portals in these websites. We continue our general agricultural business in agKonect (new website coming soon).

Our setup process is described here, for your interest.

This breakthrough was achieved by Rahul Shokeen and Peter O’Gorman, our associates at Cloudstreet Consulting Pty Ltd – two very impressive dudes. All this, of course, is on top of the work of the fantastic dev team at GBM Konect. Once dry February is over, there will be more celebrations!


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