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Farming is spatial

If you visit a farm, the first thing the farmer will show you is a map. They can point to fields, trees, waterpoints, machinery, silos and sheds. They can tell you data about these mapped elements, such as last year’s crops and their yields, quality and price. Farmers thrive on data and ways to capture and use it – be it the back of an envelope, a notebook, a smartphone app or an iPad. Farmers are great users of drones and GPS-based precision-farming. Likewise, the work of industry organisations, farm service providers and agricultural scientists revolves around map-based data.

AgKonect’s business is to help farmers and their industry organisations, service providers and partners, with data – capturing, analysing and using it. We want to help people who work in the field to work more efficiently. We can do this by building data systems that address their needs. Benefits include:

  • Process improvement during system development
  • Efficient and precise data capture
  • No need to re-enter data from paper forms
  • Simplified management and teamwork, from sharing and visibility
  • Greater capacity to analyse, report and learn as data-sets grow.

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