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Why AgKonect?

If there’s one thing farms have in common, it’s how much they vary! Horticulture has over 31 sub-industries! Every farm business is unique.

One size does not fit all!

Farm data systems built for large industries with thousands of clients don’t work so well in smaller industries. Users are forced to adapt their business to suit software, and we think that’s the wrong way around.

AgKonect’s approach is different. We custom-build for an industry and a business, using the best platforms available. Our clients get exactly what they want – whether a single farm, a large farming company, or a service provider.

AgKonect is uniquely agile. We service a wide range of industries and clients from horticulture, to aquaculture and even to rural aviation.


Our focus:
Your needs

We investigate your present system and give you better tools to manage it


Humans use maps instinctively and maps are the starting point of farm management. We look at your current maps, how you use them, and if they need to be improved. Our mapping power is greater than most farm data platforms – map the basics, and the details. This gives you new control over your assets.

Field data

We create a custom database and app for any farm asset and process, starting with your current forms, to make adoption easy. You can edit or create new forms when you are comfortable.Data saves straight to the cloud. You have mobile access to your data, too. We can link to IoT devices and feeds. You never have to re-enter data or hunt for it again.


Farm data holds many secrets, but how do you reveal them? Spend hours in Excel every night? We help you find the secrets, and we automate the analytics, so they update as you farm. The most advanced processes and integrations can be set up. You get to go home on time.


How do you need to output your data? Agrichem and food safety compliance, accounting, ordering, agronomists, contractors, supply chain software? We can pass your field data out in any format. This saves you hours in producing reports, with consistent high quality.


How we can help

AgKonect works with businesses that are out of the ordinary.
Unique farm types

Is your farm out of the ordinary? Leading farm software doesn’t suit your needs – it does much of what you need, but lacks key functions?

Integrated systems

No more clipboards, paper forms, multiple spreadsheets, whiteboards, emails, unlinked photos and GPS coordinates. Digitise and integrate it. Seamless links to business systems.

High data velocity

Remove long delays between capturing data and being able to use the information. Make it instant.

Better teamwork

Put an app in the hands of all team members. Communicate faster and work more efficiently.


Automate your unique processes – data entry, tasking, monitoring, reporting.

Standards compliance

Capture compliance and traceability data, reformat it easily for provenance, certification and audit.

Ask us how we can help your business


Use cases

Explore some examples and get in touch


Farm data systems to suit your needs


Per Month*

1 AgKonect Manager
1 AgKonect app
30 days free trial

This is a fully scalable system with great power to build any farm management system. AgKonect can provide support to you at any level. Call us to discuss your needs.



Per Month*

GIS farm map
1 mobile app
Reporting dashboard
List customisation
Onboarding support
Additional user +$61 per month
Once-off setup +$200 per farm

This is a pre-built system that you can use within days – fully customisable and scalable, to meet your unique business needs.


Contact us

for a quote

Build fees per hour
GIS farm maps
Custom apps
Custom reports
Subscriptions per user
Azure Data Service

All prices are AUD and ex-GST. Subscriptions are billed annually.



We listen, we respond, we deliver.

AgKonect worked with me to translate our original sugarcane block recording database to a modern, cloud-based platform. Our system did exactly what we required, but we needed mobile data access for all the staff. The new system works perfectly, letting us work with our data in the field or in the office, with more powerful reports and lots of flexibility. The AgKonect team are great to work with and they listen to what we say.

Bruce Quinn

Productivity Officer, Isis Productivity Ltd

Our custom AgKonect data system has transformed our seaweed farming business in the Philippines. Our Aquanauts have onfarm workflow and data entry that saves us hours and lets me monitor all aspects of farm performance from 5000km away. New staff take quickly to the system and enjoy using it. We now have traceability from the point of production to consumption. We can easily make system improvements ourselves and are building our full management system on AgKonect.

Dr Hugh Butler

Director, Marine Algae


Who we are

Core team and partnerships

Dr Pete Whittle and Barry Sullivan connected in 2007, when they were both providing biosecurity services in remote northern Australia. Barry and Pete shared passions in mountain biking and Scandinavia, and they both wanted to manage field data better. In 2017, they had set up a biosecurity data system for the banana industry using the Konect platform and saw how well it worked. They went to GBM Konect and pitched the idea of providing custom data systems for agriculture – AgKonect was born. Their journey has taken them through a wide variety of agriculture industries and learning opportunities.

We have shown how AgKonect systems can manage any agricultural data problem, from single farms to large farming companies and service providers. Our versatility and power come from using platforms designed for customisation – by combining GBM Konect field services with Microsoft Power BI business intelligence, we give our clients the most advanced systems available, always improving, around for the long term – but affordable.

Our core value is to meet the needs of our clients. Our clients already know how to farm well, but just need better data tools to do it. They want software to fit in with their farm, not the other way around. That’s how AgKonect can help.

Dr Pete Whittle

Co-founder & CEO

Barry Sullivan

Co-founder & CTO

Ken Moule

GBM Konect

Peter O’Gorman

Managing Consultant
Cloudstreet Consulting

Rahul Shokeen

Software engineer
Cloudstreet Consulting

Brandon ‘Skippy’ Lowe

Data analyst & programmer


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